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xi - blood
cutting apples
in a sun bathed kitchen
slip of the knife
red pearl
sitting pretty
on the tip of an
index finger
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 3 4
xv - silence
brittle clusters of crystallized dew
clutch onto bare branches
muffled footsteps fall deep
into the snow
snow floats
gliding on a silky breeze
fox cubs jump over each other
soft paws padding
on the cushioned snow
but no nose reaches you
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 5 0
winters lake
looking through winter tree silhouettes 
misty haze rising off the lake
with the dawn
sun so low in the sky
creating long drawn shadows
in the patchwork hillside
yellow green peaks
and dark valleys
a dock lazily stretches 
out into the lake
and finds itself reflected back
wavy echo floating on the surface
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 6 0
xiii - misfortune
there is a place
in-between imagining and halluccinating
for those misplaced fantasys 
and unfinished stargazings
you know that topaz ring you lost
on your way to school
that is there too
and all the pens
you left behind in your wake
that scary troll doll
your aunt got you for christmas
and you tried to hide it 
behind the fish tank
grotesquely warping it 
...yeah - that is there too
this place is also where misfortune lives
buried behind bookshelf
of forgotten childhood favourites
under park benches
that used to symbolism something
the manager of this place
has a large mustache 
he holds a knife and a broom
to sweep you under the rug
but there is more
there is that aching feeling
that you feel in the darkest of nights
all those lonely broken hearts
lost travelers
missing pieces
umbrellas caught in the rain 
that feeling you have forgotten something
it's all there
losing yourself in this place
almost makes a missing heart
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 4 0
mornings with you
my first thought of the day
is that this room is cold
maybe we need to start closing the curtains
so we make bitter sweet coffee
just to keep our hands warm
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 3 0
x - breath again
my world is a library of dusty silence
but it's so loud in my mind
without you
leaving me high and dry
when did it all run dry?
or did we just run out of time?
i remember the way you sat cross-legged
the sun bursting through the blinds
that. stupid. smile.
i wonder if you -

i don't want to talk,
i don't want to know where you have been,
how you have changed
when i run into you at the same old bar,
with all the same old friends
i'm not hurt at all
"i'm totally cool, yeah so busy you know, good to see you"
thank you - i'm sorry
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 3 0
xiv - smile
morning's pearls melt on my tongue
my soul is alight
burst into flames at the idea of you
in midnight's chilly cradle
your breath twisted clouds upon themselves
rising into the deep velvet sky
we sat down drunk
right in the middle
of the street where you live
in the hours
morning can't touch
you there
in the street lights sepia glow
licking your lips
stupid smile
eyes alight
warmed by that light
the way we laughed
i wonder if your cheeks still hurt
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 7 0
i hear them
celestial, glorious,
and tender
i walk into
and over the hills
right into ariver
they have been
waiting for me
charmed with existence
wind lovingly tousles
the edges of their
thick lush leaves
purpose blooms
in my chest
fulling hollow
cavities with
golden and small
their words
can breath
us all alive
helping the
blind see
and the
mute speak
guiding us all
to peace
with pieces
of their
gentle galaxies
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 7 4
two paper cut people travel by boat
across a black lake on a night with no moon
beneath the black lake lives their shadows
but these shadows have gills and fins
no light filters through the mass of dangerous leaves
and illuminated white flowers
so we do not use our eyes to seee
stars fall from the sky
one by one
we care for the fallen ones
in white floating flowers
soft petals caress the shinning edges
cold black hands snag stars
this is the silence of astounded souls
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 2 0
we're made it to sunny Hawaii, and i am thinking about you. we rented a jeep... or was it a kind of convertible? what does it matter anyway. the palm trees are an illusion and the golden warm sand is a lie. mangoes and pineapples smell so sweet they start to rot. beautiful birds and waterfalls remind me of you and the pencil stub you keep in your pocket, just in case. each wave rolls in, one after another, thundering. my mind is a hollow cave, with you at its centre. you as you were when i last saw you
missing you
wish you were here
with me
i miss you
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 4 2
The Empress
twelve stars cluster like berries on her brow
golden threads tangled in sunlight
embroidered her clothing
dappling light around her
shining on those that surround her
the amber yellow wheat, lush jade forests and sweeping rives are all nurtured by her, embraced by her kind spirit
as she reclines on deep crimson velvet cushions
Venus shields her
nature lives with her, within her heart and soul
she let the natural world become her essence
create abundance in life
share that abundance
let people see you glisten
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 3 0
low clouds roll in off the ocean
to sit on the hills that line the harbour
fog licks at the pine tree cloaked slopes
muffled car engines putt past on their way to work
the squeal and thud of coffee's being made
echoes around the deafened streets
a warm waxy cup tingles heat into frosty fingers
steam rising
circling in on itself in the biting air
the scent of coffee lingers through the morning
mixing with tang of rain about to fall
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 3 4
do not leave the teabag in the sink
avoid direct exposure to humour
does not show emotions
                but feels them deeply
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 2 0
my grief is quicksand
the louder i shout
the faster i sink
it hummmms like a refrigerator
in the back of my skull
while i sleep
who am i kidding -
i don't sleep anymore
not since
i saw you in my dreams
obsidian eyes stuck by lightning
i remember those long summer days, we drunk plum purple red wine and i read poetry to you about wars and oceans. wine stained mouth pursed, i thought nothing could touch us
spring came along, a shy hesitant thing
bulbs extend a tender trusting green shoot
and i do too
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 7 5
yellow Kowhai buds
hang like church bells
Bellbirds chime an exquisite duet
a Tuis timber creek call reverberates
birds flit and float on tree fingertips
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 9 7
ix - drive
there's something i need to explain to you
we knew this was all going to end
and there was only one of two ways it would go
what a night
our fire was the brightest, the hottest
but that is the thing with wild fires
they burn out the fastest
leaving behind nothing
but a burnt wasteland
nothing untouched
now i want peace
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 7 0


The Power of Love
The power of love
Likes to make itself known
To both the man in the street
And those close to the throne!
The Holy Spirit speaks
And shouts right from the start
That the best place to listen
Is straight from the heart!
:iconsevvysgirl:sevvysgirl 5 6
Winter's grasp
That year winter had come early, the fall had been cold and wet - killing most of the crop, rotting what had been saved. They did try, but what could they do? What could they do when the skies opened and rained ice cold water on their fields - wetting what would've been food, killing it with cold nights that froze everything.
The woods too, they seemed devoid of all life, as if even the animals had run from the hard winter set upon them. And perhaps they had, perhaps they had sensed it long before them and ran, ran while they still could - winter would forgive no one.
Yes, winter came early that year - sneaking in with the shoes of fall. It stole from them what they'd worked so hard for, food that could've lasted them over the harsh cold months.
Not this year, not this winter. Not when air started snapping with frigid temperatures and all became standstill.... and then the snow came.
Last of the stock animals were killed for food mid winter. It was done with heavy heart as it spelled t
:iconnoitalapsi:Noitalapsi 3 2
ashes, ashes by calliopen ashes, ashes :iconcalliopen:calliopen 3 3
my uber driver tells me automation is the devil
we cross canal st, the gutters hiss like rattlesnakes,
coiled rope, some kind of unholy small talk
did you know that after the apple, adam flashed a low-battery warning,
smashed his own face with a hard fall out of pocket?

and the streets are thick with merchandise, with shiny
broken things stumbling out from neon shadow
before the apple, there were only windows.
tiny hands in sooty factories an ocean away from home.
and the garden wasn’t so much garden as it was sprawling jungle, orchard
blooming concrete, a thousand bodies falling like fruit to the pavement below.
i have seen his face
, my driver says,
megapixels smiling back from the screen in front of me.
:iconsuccesswithhonor:successwithhonor 5 0
Our hearts are mapped through our bodies
fingers follow the wet branch trails, trace the
damp song lines of these river beds.
Our breaths rise in gasps of pearls
red against pillow sails
awake and waiting silent.
These hands shake as we catch the shadows on disturbed shores
we embrace ourselves, loose anchors and
scatter screams in a storm.
Figures wait to cast dark nets at every trade route
they capture light and angle eyes to the shape of graves
fingernails break trying to dig our way out.
Hands to chest, we abandon dreams for dreamless sleep and empty faces
swallow poison draughts, pray to altars void of gods.
Visit gravestones with names destroyed, we
curse the ground
and tread heavy soles on desecrated landscapes.
The violence within us
Each winter, the footprints of intruders are buried, dead
no impressions left.
All remembrance lingering as a shipwreck in the silt,
decaying bootlace ligature left for soft-bodied things to feed on.
Skeleton leaf a faded signature b
:iconrosary0fsighs:Rosary0fSighs 7 4
I am a woman
we pluck flowers from the field
       to sit upon our breasts
take your ribbons        take
your red and yellow blooms
they console us while
       that dread march continues
pick up the pace of our mothers
       heft this memory
singing        do not do not do not
I am a woman
looking into the mirror
       away from words etched into
                frosted pane
I am a woman        and
I fear I’ve forgotten
languages I’m supposed to know
       our language
freely versed        but costly
kept a thousand years
:icondull-glitter:dull-glitter 50 19
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:iconakrasiel:akrasiel 25 61
To think of you as a flower
Cut and rinsed in the tub sink
Dressed in ribboned plastic
Sold by eager hands
To present —statue of decay
Frayed firework, muted memory
Of spring— a new and boundless
Afterlife, moonbeam,
Slicing through the wet grass,
Blade spine finding little justice
In those calloused fingers, another
Winered symphony, wince and sing, you
Withered heart, your skin
Still drawing blood.
:iconsuccesswithhonor:successwithhonor 8 4
killing field
broken bird / wishbone / winged steel
/ bullet casing / knick knack / other
crafty treasure / red yarn / entrails
/ bone flower / sprouting / pick at base
/ of stem / bring home / to loved ones
:iconsuccesswithhonor:successwithhonor 4 0
tell me that you care about me / or maybe even that you love me / because these hooks are digging deeper into my mind / tearing out all the good thoughts / and letting my mind fill with poisonous ones / they slowly turn to acid / and spread through my body until i am just
and all i can feel / and all i can think is that i am everyone else's poison / i slowly tear them apart / crush their bones and hopes and dreams like they are nothing / and believe me when i say i don't deserve love / and i am
[please, i'm begging you, please save me from myself]
:iconthesewingsofdarkness:TheseWingsofDarkness 7 0
a body full
of empty bones
covered in the ashes
of your past
of repeating
and covering yourself
with more layers
of ashen skin
a coward
still afraid
of the dark
you are a blackbird
with a silenced song
:iconstuff7:stuff7 3 1
Fleur Feature #4
This week, I'm bringing you even more of the most beautiful flower photos I can find on DA  :)  As always, this feature represents only under-appreciated works (under 100 faves).  Please take the time out to comment on these stunning photos!  
PASTEL RAIN ~ on my balcony by DAGAIZM     Camomille by Bunny-with-Camera     DSCF0605 by M-Tomiyama     Purple Star by DwainDibley     Lavender II by NorthernLand
Unforgetable Spring by andersartigkeit     Take a look by Lunnika-Horo     purple by LeapingFlames
:iconnimbue:Nimbue 12 12
Alone but not lonely by Gingershots Alone but not lonely :icongingershots:Gingershots 63 3
put on an old record
and let's dance together
our bodies moving
to a light-hearted rhythm
and i'll watch
the afternoon light
filtering through the blinds
and the way it
caresses your face and your smile
as if your soul
has somehow filled the room
and i'll hold you close to me
as the song ends
and for a moment
we'll be at peace
:iconthesewingsofdarkness:TheseWingsofDarkness 6 4



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Artist | Literature
New Zealand


cutting apples
in a sun bathed kitchen
slip of the knife
red pearl
sitting pretty
on the tip of an
index finger
xi - blood
..... still made that crumble
111 deviations
brittle clusters of crystallized dew
clutch onto bare branches

muffled footsteps fall deep
into the snow

snow floats
gliding on a silky breeze

fox cubs jump over each other
soft paws padding
on the cushioned snow

but no nose reaches you
xv - silence
wintery day today 
looking through winter tree silhouettes 
misty haze rising off the lake
with the dawn
sun so low in the sky
creating long drawn shadows
in the patchwork hillside
yellow green peaks
and dark valleys
a dock lazily stretches 
out into the lake
and finds itself reflected back
wavy echo floating on the surface


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